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Google: “Funchsia OS is not very ambitious but can still grow in the future”


After a long period of silence, Google has recently shared new information about the Funchsia operating system. 

Funchsia OS is an open operating system and is being developed by Google. It was discovered on GitHub in 2016 when the source code was mysterious and there was no relevant information. This is an extremely interesting operating system for developers, it is not developed based on Linux kernel like Android but based on the operating kernel called Ziron. Although interesting, Google didn’t have any information about Funchsia OS for a long time.

But recently, during the new Google I / O event, Android and Chrome’s senior vice president, Hiroshi Lockheimer did not forget this operating system. “We are looking at interesting things that should be available in a new operating system. We guess people will be surprised and say this is a new Android operating system or a new Chrome OS, however,” he said. is not what Funchsia is aiming for, it will promote the advanced technology of operating systems, we will combine its advantages into other products. “

Google: “Funchsia OS is not very ambitious but can still grow in the future”

In addition, he said the ability to release Funchsia to end-user devices is still being considered. They can put everything focused on the Android operating system or Chromes OS or even pause it. But Google can focus on the most impressive and striking aspects available on Funchsia OS. 

In addition, Lockheimer added: “In the coming time, not only computers and mobile phones, the development of Internet of Thing (IoT) will increase the demand for separate operating systems with strengths. Fuchsia OS will definitely be one of them, so please calm down and wait. “

It is known that Funchsia OS is still capable of developing very large not only suitable for smartphones, tablets, PC, but also a very suitable choice for embedded systems. Most notably, this operating system was tested on Pixelbook and gave the experience a very impressive experience.

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