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Galaxy Z Flip launched: Vertical folding screen, priced at $ 1,380


As expected, at the Unpacked event today, Samsung manufacturer has officially launched its next foldable smartphone, Galaxy Z Flip with folding mechanism and new, unique and handy design.

Instead of horizontally folding mechanism like Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip will own a screen with a vertical folding mechanism. It is known that this will be a Super AMOLED screen, size 6.7 inches, FullHD + resolution, 21.9: 9 ratio and designed in the same trend of “punching” as on the Galaxy S20 series

Galaxy Z Flip – a clamshell vertical phone. From an equivalent name, Samsung once more affirmed that it had been not a Fold 2 but a totally printing operation with different design logic and usage.

Compared to the Galaxy Fold, the secondary screen of the Galaxy Z Flip is quite small (only 1.06 inches, 300×112 pixels resolution).

However, this screen still serves a number of user purposes such as viewing the time, viewing notifications, answering calls or even taking photos with the main camera.

Next to the secondary screen will be the location of two 12MP cameras, including a main camera and a wide-angle camera. Meanwhile, the selfie camera of the machine will have a resolution of 10MP.

In terms of design, the Galaxy Z Flip are going to be folded vertically sort of a wallet which will easily be put into a pocket during a pocket or a bag. within the folded state, we’ll have a square machine size 8.6 x 7.4 cm, and a thickness of 1.5 cm can slot in the palm.

The outer corner may be a dual camera cluster with a 12 MP main camera and an ultra wide angle camera also 12 MP. on the brink of the camera cluster are going to be a 1.1 inch OLED screen, 300 x 116 resolution to display notifications, allow calls, notifications from there also as perform some interesting functions.

The hinge mechanism of Galaxy Z Flip is analogous thereto of Fold with 3 pieces assembled: 2 pieces of shell + 1 piece covering hinge. Users can open Galaxy Z Flip in many various angles, just like the laptop screen mechanism.

At an equivalent time, the gap of the hinge is roofed by a T-lock, integrating Samsung’s new dust scanning technology with nylon fibers created by ultra-thin cutting technology to limit dust.

completely prevent dust from getting into just like the first Fold version within the past. Samsung says that it are often opened with one hand like clamshell phones within the past.

In a completely open state, there’s a really long ratio screen, Infinity Flex screen with Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) technology of 6.7 inches and a resolution of two ,636 x 1,080 pixels with a ratio of 21.9: 9

In the center of the highest of the screen remains the middle selfie camera that Samsung calls Infinity-O, the dimensions of the mole is analogous to the S20 or Galaxy A devices launched in early 2020.

In a fully open state, the device are going to be 16.7 x 7.4 cm and 6.86 mm thick, rather thin and long, allowing a more immersive browsing experience.

With such a folding design, Samsung has brought a custom-designed interface in cooperation with Google called Flex mode. When the device is half-open, the screen automatically splits into two 4-inch screens so you’ll easily view photos, content or videos on the highest half the screen and control them within the bottom half.

Users can easily livestream with YouTube at the highest and at an equivalent time, they will still look for other videos, or see the outline and comments below.

Meeting design can also help the Galaxy Z Flip stand itself without a stand, allowing users to take more photos. When folded, users can quickly take high-quality selfies with one hand through the rear camera without opening the device.

The main camera of the device includes the standard 12 MP F1.8 Dual Pixel AF camera with optical stabilization, super wide angle 12 MP F2.2 123˚ viewing angle.

Galaxy Z Flip also allows answering calls without opening the phone, or replying to the message by clicking the notification and then opening the screen.

In terms of configuration, Galaxy Z Flip only owns the power from Snapdragon 855+ processor (instead of Snapdragon 865) 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory.
Despite its compact design (when opened), however, Samsung has also integrated a 3300mAh battery (higher than the 2520mAh battery of Moto Razr), which is enough for users to use comfortably in 1 day.

Galaxy Z Flip was released on Valentine’s Day 14/02 with a reference price of 1,380 USD. Machine is distributed immediately in 12 select markets including the United States, South Korea …

One disadvantage of Galaxy Z Flip compared to Galaxy S20 series is that there is no 5G connection. However, this is a model that is geared towards more fashion elements.

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