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Full specifications of the new iPhone 14 series?

  • An image of a sheet of paper printed with the main specifications of the iPhone 14 series from a retail store in China has been shared.
  • Based on the image, some information can be summarized as follows:
  • The names of the 4 new iPhones will be iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, respectively
  • Pro series will have higher peak brightness (1200nit) than regular series (1000nit)
  • Only Pro series with 120Hz ProMotion display
  • All are equipped with 6GB RAM but the Pro series is equipped with standard DDR5 RAM and the regular series is the older DDR4X
  • New A16 chip exclusive to Pro series, A15 . commonly used series
  • The main cam on the Pro series is upgraded to 48MP resolution, the regular series is still 12MP
  • Model 14 Pro Max will be even heavier with a weight of 255g, 17g heavier than iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • The Pro series will start with 256GB, up to 1TB. Regular series starts at 128GB, up to 512GB
  • Pro series will have more LiDAR sensor
  • The base price of iPhone 14 in the Chinese market is 6,699 yuan (about 966 USD), 14 Plus is 7,399 yuan (1067 USD), 14 Pro is 9,899 yuan (1427.6 USD) and 14 Pro Max is 10,899 yuan (1571). ,8 USD)
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