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Fixing Android machine suddenly slowed


Some ways to handle every time your Android phone suddenly runs slower than usual. I also talked about some other things that might make the device run smoothly even though the configuration of the device is in the top, mainly because the software is conflicting or because the app doesn’t handle the cache well, causing the system performance to drop.

restart the machine

This is the answer to remedy 90% of issues you encounter with any device, from computer systems to servers and Android phones isn’t always outside that rule. Restarting helps the working machine smooth up its reminiscence, running programs are also turned off to avoid conflicts. these are things that are very smooth to gradual down in particular when you have used your telephone for some time with too many apps jogging up. in addition, reboot also helps the running system reset its default values which might also were modified with the aid of some app main to the sluggish phenomenon you see

  • Soft reboot: hold down the power button until the shutdown menu appears, select the Shutdown button then turn on the phone manually
  • Hard reboot: with every Android device, hold down the power button + volume down button until the device shuts down and the screen turns on again. Hard reboot will force the machine to reboot no matter what you are doing with your phone and this can also be applied in situations where the device is running over and over, it cannot open the shutdown menu.

Delete the application you no longer use

It’s not a big deal to install multiple apps today because the Android phone’s internal memory is now 8GB – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB machines are no longer rare in the market. But the problem is not on the app number you installed, but on the amount of internal memory available to the operating system to store temporary files it needs during operation. Even on a computer, when your storage capacity drops, it slows down because it no longer has enough room to store temporary files, making it difficult and time-consuming to run the app.

Please delete any packages you now not use. in case your device is walking easily and all at once jogging gradual, do not forget to peer if i’ve a new app mounted recently, in that case, strive putting off it because many new apps are the motive of the battle and / or consume sources of the machine

Clear the cache

Clearing the cache can also clean up your device. but the more important issue whilst we delete the cache is to reduce the battle among the new and old facts of the app. no longer each utility has this problem, however i’ve had similar troubles with Chrome and facebook. each ran very uneasily, for a few motive, restarting the telephone isn’t over, so I attempted to clear their cache, the effects were very awesome. perhaps the reading and cache mechanism is elaborate so it’s miles a slow app.

  • Go to Settings> Apps> select the apps you use most often> Storage> Clear Data and Clear Cache. Note that after clearing, the app may ask you to login again

Check SD card

One of the slowest culprits is the SD card, especially when you use cheap cards. Cheap cards often don’t have high read and write speeds like genuine cards, and this means that the app will need a lot of time to write or read data from the card. It’s okay for simple applications to read a document or to open a few basic image files, but when you start recording a video or need to edit a movie and save the clip to the device, you can see the pain. Even if you watch movies, that is, Android needs to stream large amounts of data from the memory card, which will be similar.

Further, a corrupted reminiscence card is likewise probably to be gradual. a way to prepare? it’s simplest to change to a better pace card. you may determine part of the cardboard speed way to class numbers indexed at the product container and printed immediately on the cardboard. every other way is to Google the model of the cardboard you’re approximately to buy to see what humans value approximately it, how sensible it’s miles. additionally notice that the card must be compatible along with your smartphone

Disable animation

Animation is a motion effect that you see in Android, for example, when a dialog box appears, the speed of switching between the app and launcher when pressing home, or switching between app windows when pressing the key Recents. You can adjust the duration of these effects short and the operations will become a little faster, at least you will feel faster.

How to adjust the speed of the effect:

  • Go to Settings> About phone> Software Information
  • Click on Build Number 7 times
  • Go back to Settings using the back key, find Developer Options> Advanced
  • “Window animation scale”, “Transition animation scale”, “Animator duration scale”, adjust x number to Animation scale .5x (reduce effect time to half) or Animation off (disable effect completely)

Clean widgets not in use

The widget when running also costs resources, and if this isn’t really used, you should consider removing it. Removing widgets also saves more battery life. Of course I do not recommend that you have to turn off everything, this really helps you use the device more easily, help you complete the task more quickly, then leave it, just leave the ones that are no longer used only

Switch to using Lite applications

App Lite is a simplified application form compared to the original. Its feature may be slightly lost, but the performance will be better and run smoother and faster. Cheap or mid-priced machines should consider using Lite apps to help our experience be better.

Factory Reset

This is the last manner, and it’s additionally the simplest thanks to come back the device to the quick running state you simply bought. NOTE, once running the plant reset, the info on your pc are erased (except for the memory card), therefore you wish to duplicate the info initial. To run reset, move to Settings of automaton, realize the phrase “Factory Reset”. keep in mind to take care before you are doing it, and perpetually charge the battery absolutely before you reset it, as a result of if the battery runs out halfway, the possibilities of the dead machine area unit terribly high.

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