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Fix error not showing incoming call on Android screen


We seem to overlook the main function of the telephone is to make a call, but what takes place when the cellphone gets a name without lighting up the display? although it rings however you do not see an incoming call displayed on the screen.

when you have a comparable problem, you don’t want to fear, simply do the subsequent.

Restart the telephone

earlier than acting any of the subsequent settings, strive a easy however effective way to restart your telephone.

spark off incoming call notification

despite the fact that notifications for incoming calls are grew to become on by default on all telephones, once in a while third-celebration or up to date apps can exchange this placing. usually you can not change this placing because it’s far gray. however, if the software or replace makes it change, you can change it.

to check and alternate settings, observe these steps:

Step 1 . Open Settings on the phone and go to Apps / Application Manager .

Touch Apps / Application Manager

Step 2. Find the default Phone app , tap it, then tap Notifications (on Android Pie device) or App notifications (on Oreo).

Touch Phone
Touch Notifications

Tip: Alternatively, you can touch and hold the Phone app on the main screen and select App info from the menu, then tap Notifications .

Step 3 . Touch Incoming calls , make sure Show notification is turned on. Then touch Behavior . If you see Show silently and minimize , this is the culprit causing the problem, change it to Make Sound and pop up on Screen .

Touch Incoming calls
Touch Behavior

If you see Make Sound and pop up on Screen , change it to another option to reset the settings, then choose Make Sound and pop up on Screen .

Note : If everything is correct, the important settings of your Phone application will be grayed out as shown above.

clean the cache and information

another simple solution is to clean the cache from the telephone utility. You do no longer want to worry due to the fact clearing the cache will now not delete your statistics. If clearing the cache does no longer remedy the hassle, delete the application information. One issue to maintain in thoughts is that deleting the records will delete the decision history and reset the telephone utility installation.

Step 1 . Open Apps / Application Manager in Settings.

Step 2 . Touch the Phone> Storage application .

Touch the Phone app
Touch Storage

Step 3 . Touch Clear cache first, then restart the device and see if the problem is fixed. If not, touch Clear data / storage depending on the options available on your phone.

Touch Clear cache

Reset software options

because the problem is mainly because of the telephone utility, resetting the utility choice may also restore the problem. this may now not delete the data however some settings which include notifications, permissions, and many others. could be reset to default.

Step 1 . Open Settings and access Apps / Application Manager .

Step 2 . In All apps , tap the three dots icon in the top right corner, select Reset app preferences from the menu.

Touch the three dots icon
Select Reset app preferences

Tip: If this option is not found, go to Settings> System> Reset options> Reset app preferences .

problem the vital permissions for the cellphone utility

The telephone software needs to have the necessary permissions to display content material on other programs. if you do not grant permission, this will intrude with the feature of the software that results in a call that is not displayed at the screen.

Step 1 . Open Settings and tap Apps / Application Manager .

Step 2 . Touch Advanced> Special app access .

Touch Advanced
Touch Special app access

Step 3 . Touch Display over other apps > Phone .

Touch Display over other apps
Touch Phone to grant permission

Bước 4. Bật Allow display over other apps.

Bật Allow display over other apps

Take a look at Do now not Disturb mode

Do now not Disturb mode on Android is different from silent mode with interrupt characteristic inside the form of visual notifications. If this option is enabled, you will receive a notification within the bulletin board but no sound or notification will seem.

Step 1 . Open Settings and go to Sound .

Touch Sound

Step 2 . Touch Do Not Disturb and make sure to turn it off.

Touch the Do Not Disturb

However, if you want to use Not Disturb, tap Notifications and change No visuals or sound from notifications to No sound from notifications . With this option you will receive a popup notification but no sound.

Also, you should check if the Do Disturb mode is not set to auto-turn on.

Touch Notifications
Select No sound from notifications
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