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Features and changes in updating iPadOS and iOS 13 Developer beta 5 + Public beta 4


Apple has added a number of new features and improvements to enhance the user experience.

  • Add custom application grid in settings, allowing users to set the density of displaying icons (icons) on iPad with 4 x 5 and 6 x 5 aspect ratio
  • Automation on the Shortcut application is temporarily locked with beta 5
  • Add new achievements in the Activity app when you reach the goal for moving
In the Activity application for Apple Watch, Arwards item appears more medals when users reach 1250 steps to 2000 steps. Previously only stopped at 1000 steps in 1 month.
  • Add tactile feedback as you expand the HUD Volume
  • Add new cursor options (smaller) to support mouse on iPadOS
  • New wallpaper in Home application
  • The sharing menu is redesigned on iPadOS and iOS for groups
  • Mobile data icons (5Ge / 4G / LTE) in the larger display status bar
  • Interface for “Siri for Everyone” specifically, requires HomePodOS 13
  • Refine CarPlay
  • Share Sheet changes
The Share sheet item will now be divided into categories, no longer in the same row and confused as before. This makes it easy to choose which items or apps you want to share
  • Increase or decrease the volume
Press and hold volume up and down at Max and Min, there will be a slight vibration of Haptic Feedback at that time. And now when you press each step to increase or decrease the volume, each step is less or less than before, so you have the option to increase or decrease the volume properly.
  • The Find My feature is faulty, the current notification when locating the device on the map is disabled
  • Also about Find My, finding the location when the device (lost) in a state without connection is restricted.
  • iCloud Drive in Settings (Settings) – General Settings (General) – iPhone Storage (iPhone Storage) will be calculated incorrectly for file and application capacity, giving an incorrect number.
  • Fix the problem of Back up iCloud to be “smoother” when you go to Apple ID – iCloud – Back up iCloud – Backup Now
  • Fix image sharing error in Mail
  • Messages on iCloud are having errors that cannot be sync with other devices with Apple ID
  • Application Notes (Notes) has an error when you search on the search to give incorrect results
  • Error displaying wave column and battery, pull down Control Center to see it
  • Screen Time feature encountered an error not sync to iCloud, you must restart the new device
  • The Do not Disturb feature will not sync between iPhone via Apple Watch unless both must update to the latest version ( iOS 13 Public Beta 4 / Developer Beta 5) and watchOS 6 Beta 4 or Beta 5.
  • The Automations section on Shortcuts is temporarily disappearing
  • AirPods are sometimes disconnected when you enable Siri feature on AirPods to read messages on incoming iPhone
  • Siri Shortcuts on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 will not sync with iOS 12 devices anymore. For example: If you use 1 iOS 13 beta device and 1 device in iOS 12, when you open sync iCloud feature for Shortcuts, it will be useless, ie Shortcuts on iOS 12 devices will no longer be used. , only calculate iOS 13 beta. It becomes 2 independent Shortcuts even with iCloud.
  • Dark Mode Converter (Apple will ask if you want to turn on Dark Mode when upgrading or updating the new iOS 13 version, the transition mode between the Bright and Dark interface has also been tweaked)
  • Open the closed window again (In the explorer interface on the iPad, you can reopen a window you closed earlier)
  • Larger network icon (Network house icon on the status bar is made slightly larger to better fit the signal bar and battery icon)
  • The “Open in New Tab” feature has been restored in Safari
  • The screenshot is rounded corners
  • Fix sound issues when you watch Story on Instagram
  • Fix the problem of getting 2 similar notifications on WhatsApp
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