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Extension blocks all websites from sending notifications on Chrome


Whilst you open the web browser, open the tab and click on a hyperlink, you frequently see such things as: YouTube wants to display a notification, facebook desires to show a notification. This appears quite loads and causes problem for customers due to the fact it is not going that few human beings want to accept those notifications.

On Chrome, there will be permission to block notifications, but for some users, this will not prevent websites from displaying notifications. Therefore, if you have tried the above and still can’t, then you can use this extension. This is Block Website Notification Requests on Chrome Store:

You simply need to click on on the hyperlink above and click “add to Chrome” to continue with the installation. This extension will routinely lock all websites, you do not want to do anything else. As shown in the parent underneath, the notification feature has been locked.

However, it has a weak spot with the intention to block the awareness of ALL websites and you cannot supply an exclusion listing. but, now not many people like to get hold of notifications from the website, so this is probably a vulnerable point compared to the advantages that it brings.

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