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Experience Windows 10 May 2019 on Macbook, Boot Camp is fully compatible


Windows friends must be happy because the update of Win 10 May 2019 with the built-in Light interface or many other features. After all, you use Mac will not be inferior when Boot camp is also fully compatible to install Windows 10 May 2019 on your computer running Mac OS. 
For you to buy Mac computer to install the win then surely, will install the new version only, and for those of you who use less Win operating system, you can install and experience, Windows is getting better and more beautiful. more, especially this update is worth the experience.

Quick guide to install Windows 10 May 2019 on Mac via Boot Camp.

  • Need ISO file Windows 10 64Bit May 2019 Build 1903: click here
  • For some 2017 Macbook / MacBook Pro models , there is no need for USB, and previous models if Bootcamb requires a USB connection, there is a need for an empty USB device, with capacity of 8GB or more.
  • And need most 1 internet network as quickly as possible to Down Driver with Boot Camp to create the installer.

Step 1: After downloading the ISO File, you need to launch Boot Camp. Read the request and click Next. 
– Boot Camp will automatically find the location of ISO files in the machine, if there are 2 or more files, be sure to look carefully at the name. 
– Partitioning At will and then click Install. If your computer requires a USB plug, you need a USB device as I mentioned above.

Step 2: All the rest is just waiting for the device to download the driver, then the machine also creates the installer, the machine will automatically restart boot into the win installation screen, a few Next operations or accept the terms To install is done, just wait. Or need more details can refer to Win installation on Mac in this article.

Loading Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 7.01.32 PM.jpg ...

A few steps when installing Windows machine is its color Silver, seems quite matching interface Light Sometimes this interface to “Afternoon” and perhaps some you Macbook.

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