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Enable Dark Mode on all websites


Dark Mode is gradually gaining popularity today when this mode appears in any application, service or platform. However, not all websites have this user interface mode. Fortunately, Google has developed and added a new hidden function to the Google Canary browser, which is the preferred version of Chrome using new functions. This function will turn any website into Dark Mode by adjusting the color automatically.

This newly introduced Google characteristic named “force dark Mode for web contents”, you may get entry to and permit this feature by means of typing chrome: // flags. After allowing this option, all websites will change into dark Mode as on Mac and home windows. Linux, Chrome OS, Android and maximum currently, iOS 13.

Options include:

  • Simple color reversal based on HSL
  • Simple color reversal based on CIELAB
  • Reverse the image color
  • Selective color reversal of non-visual elements
  • Reverse color everything

Enable Dark Mode on all websites

This function is available on Chrome Canary version 78.0.3873.0

After installation is complete, type in the search bar chrome: // flags and press Enter.

In the hidden area of Chrome Canary, type in the search bar “Force Dark Mode for Web contents” and activate this function.

This feature is useful for users who are bored of milky white of the usual interface but after enabling this function may affect the design of each site’s interface.

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