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emulate clicky mechanical keyboard sounds on all normal keyboards


Mechanical keyboard is one among the indispensable tools of the Gamer to fly smoothly in today’s super hot PC games like CSGO, PUBG, or League of Legends. The difference that mechanical keyboard makes is far better than ordinary keyboards like comfortable typing, great typing sound makes gaming of gamers become far more interesting.

Mechvibes is a software that enables any computer user to experience mechanical keyboard clicks, regardless of the keyboard type they are using. From rubber keyboards, laptop keyboards to Macbook keyboards, just install the Mechvibes software on the machine, users can hear the wonderful clicks of the mechanical keyboard without losing a penny to buy a keyboard true muscle.

This is an opportunity for gamers who can afford to experience mechanical keyboard sound

The Mechvibes software is now available with eight audio suites (four cherry sw – two keycaps) and the developer has promised to add more sounds from more future switches to the software. Mechvibes supports Windows, MAC and Linux

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