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Download new fonts on iOS and iPadOS


You can download additional fonts from outside since iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. this can be handy for those that have to be compelled to amendment multiple fonts whereas piece of writing text on mail, Word, Pages, … particularly for those that sort text on iPad.

Your iPhone / iPad device must be updated to iOS 13.2 or iPadOS 13.2
These are the fonts used in text editing apps, do not display outside the iOS / iPadOS interface and you cannot change the default font.

Where is the ios font?

  • List of fonts appears in Settings – General settings – Font.
This item only contains the downloaded external font, the default is nothing and the device requires you to be able to download from the font app on the App Store.

How to download ios font?

There square measure several applications for you to download stunning fonts, the most effective application is that the Adobe artistic Cloud – within the applying there square measure quite 1000 free fonts for you to freely expertise. And once downloaded it’ll be saved on iCloud.

For example, download a font on Creative Cloud named “Great Vibes”, it will immediately be saved in the “Installed Fonts” section within the General Settings.

when you edit text in Word, mail or Pages, KeyNote, Numbers, … You can edit fonts, downloaded fonts will be included in your selection.

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