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Disable Auto-Brightness on iPhone


Auto-Brightness adjusts screen brightness supported surroundings. When the ambient light conditions change, the screen becomes brighter or less bright. Sometimes it can reduce the brightness a touch an excessive amount of, making the screen too dark for viewing. The Auto-Brightness feature has been available in iOS for a few time. But you would possibly want to manage it yourself via the control center. But with iOS 13, the setting to show Auto-Brightness on or off is not any longer within the previous position.

Turn off Auto-Brightness

  • Go to Settings> Accessibility> Display & Text Size
  • Scroll down to find the Auto-Brightness switch and turn it off

The main purpose of the Auto-Brightness feature is to help improve iPhone battery life. But if you want more control over your screen, you can turn it off. When turned off, you only need to use the slider in Control Center to manage the brightness. Or, you can go to Settings> Display & Brightness to adjust as needed.

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