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Delete all “traces” after surfing the website with 1 click


Regardless of what browser you operate, your surfing facts or report download history will be saved. in case you are virtually concerned approximately privacy, would you like to clean your surfing history quick? set up the history Eraser software – clean a hundred% of browsing statistics with 3 stages with 1 click

The operation and capabilities of records Eraser are similar to CCleaner software program. a few capabilities include: Wipe the information saved in the cache, delete URLs, delete cookies, delete transient documents created by way of the browser, delete browsing history, delete stored passwords inside the browser …

The records Eraser could be very compact and beneficial, designed to offer the first-rate browsing revel in for users. usage is very simple and due to the fact it’s far a browser utility, you could use it with any running device, whether home windows, Mac, Linux or Chromebook.



During the installation process, you will be prompted to install Click & Clean, then select Skip to skip

Once done, click on the widget’s icon. An optional panel will appear, allowing you to select the appropriate scanning mode: Easy, Medium, and Hard. You can choose to set it up: Close the application after cleaning, or close all tabs before cleaning.

After selecting the mode, click Run Eraser to clean up

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