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Connect your Android phone via Ethernet port


Wireless Internet is everywhere and easy to understand is the first choice for most internet users thanks to the convenience that it is. However, speed is not always appropriate and sometimes there may be security issues. Especially if someone else uses the same Wi-Fi connection at the same time, it might be a little unreliable.

Therefore, there may be times when you want to use the fastest speed available for your Android device. Here we will guide you through another useful way of connecting via an Ethernet connection just like when you plug in a network cable on a PC or Laptop.

Connect your Android phone via Ethernet port

What you need

There are three things needed to connect your Android to ethernet connection:

  • Android device running Marshmallow 6.0.1: Released in October 2015, Android Marshmallow has introduced new drivers which means you can connect your Android device directly to an ethernet cable without having to root it. You can view the version you have by going to  Settings -> About device . If you already have an older version, download Android Marshmallow first to get the easiest connection.
  • USB OTG cable: This is an abbreviation for USB when used for data transfer and is a small cable that plugs into Android’s micro USB port. Usually, this is used to copy files to external memory but can also be used for LAN internet connection.
  • USB cable to ethernet cable: The final component required is a USB cable with an ethernet cable from RS Components. This is simply used for the final part of connecting to wired internet.

How to connect Android to Ethernet connection

Connecting your Android to a wired ethernet connection is quite simple once you’ve got all the parts you need. Start by connecting your ethernet cable to USB with ethernet adapter, then connect this adapter to the USB OTG cable. Finally, connect the USB OTG cable to your phone and you’ve done quite a bit.

The ethernet icon will now pop up in the top right corner and all your apps, browsers, games, downloads and more will start running through this icon. To check that you are getting full internet speed, run the test speed if you want.

Problems with the connection

If you’ve followed these steps but don’t seem to be connected properly, there are a few options worth trying. Put your phone in airplane mode first, as this is a requirement for some phones, while others may depend on ROM. If not, check to make sure that no essential drivers are deleted from the Android device because this happens and may affect connectivity.

Connecting your Android with ethernet connection will be quick and easy and help you work with the fastest internet speed around

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