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Connect Xbox controller to iPhone to play games


The Xbox controller is exceptional for gaming on Xbox One and home windows 10 desktops. however, you could connect it to an iPhone for a greater superior cellular gaming revel in. With iOS 13, you may without difficulty connect an Xbox (or ps PS4) controller to an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth because Apple has allowed it.

All video games that support the gamepad could be compatible with the Xbox controller with the MFi general in iOS 13. which means no longer each game within the App save will work with the Xbox controller, however any game that supports the controller. MFi standard will paintings. within the beta some video games had been not like compatible

Update to iOS 13

To play games on iPhone with Xbox One controller, you need to update your tool to iOS 13. All versions of iOS 12.x will no longer be able to pair with the controller

Turn on pairing mode on the handle

Simplest Xbox controllers with built-in Bluetooth are like minded with iOS 13. If the controller is Xbox One S or a later model, it is possibly to be equipped with Bluetooth. An smooth manner to inform if the Xbox button is on the the front of the handle is to support Bluetooth

If you have a Bluetooth enabled handle, you need to pair it with your iPhone like any other Bluetooth device. First, turn on the controller by pressing the Xbox button. Next, hold down the “wireless enrollment” button on the edge near the USB charging port for 2-3 seconds, then release to start pairing.

Connect iPhone, iPad with handle

Once the Xbox controller is in pairing mode, open the Settings app on your iOS device and go to the Bluetooth section. You can access this section with the Control Center in iOS 13, just hold down or press 3D Touch on the Bluetooth icon.

Once in Bluetooth settings, wait a moment for the device to scan the handle. When you find the Xbox console, you’ll see it appear in the bottom row of this page in the Other Devices section. Click on the name of the handle and iOS will connect within a few seconds. please confirm that the handle is paired when it appears in My Devices list with the status “Connected”


When the connection is successful, open a game compatible with the MFi standard. You do not need to set the controller with any game. Developers have updated their game to be fully compatible with iOS 13, you will play immediately

Disconnect the handle from the iPhone and iPad

Whilst now not in use, the Xbox controller should be disconnected in order that it does now not drain the battery. do not anticipate the gamepad to show itself off. you could press and hold the Xbox button on the controller till the light goes out. this could flip off the handle and disconnect it from the iPhone, iPad

  • You can also disconnect from within iOS 13 and wait for the handle to turn off automatically
Open Control Center on iOS, press 3D Touch or hold on the module containing airplane mode, Wi-Fi, … Next, press and hold (or press 3D Touch) on the Bluetooth icon. On the extended menu, click on "Xbox Wireless Controller" and it will automatically disconnect.

You can also disconnect the controller in the Settings – Bluetooth application, click the (i) icon next to the device and select Disconnect.

The Xbox controller will automatically connect to the iPhone the next time you turn it on and it will continue to do so until you connect it to another device. If it doesn’t connect automatically for any reason, go back to the list of Bluetooth devices in Control Center, then click the handle name to reconnect.

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