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Change the quality of Apple TV + streaming on iPhone and iPad


High streaming quality requires more bandwidth and that is not great news, if you’re watching on an iPhone or iPad employing a mobile connection and have limited data. Fortunately, you’ll change the streaming quality setting for the ‌Apple TV‌ + platform.

By default, ‌Apple TV‌ + automatically adjusts the bit rate based on the device being used, but always follows the trend of maximizing quality. However, that action can be alleviated by changing a setting in iOS

How to change Apple TV + streaming quality

  • Launch the Settings app on ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌
  • Click on the TV
  • Click on iTunes Video
  • In Playback Quality, tap Wi-Fi or Mobile Data
  • Click Good so that the checkmark appears with it

The amount of data saved by changing this option will vary depending on what you are viewing, switching from Best Available to Good can save about 40%.

If this doesn’t help you avoid using up your data limits, consider turning off Use Mobile Data for Playback (shown at the top of the second screenshot) and instead Streaming via WiFi.

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