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Block ads on all the most effective apps for iOS


Most ad blockading aid tools handiest work while users use Safari browsers, now not powerful for 1/3-birthday party applications. but, in this newsletter i’m able to guide you a way to correctly block advertisements on any software for iOS devices


STEP 1: Download the application supporting Quantumult


This is a free application to download

With HTTPS feature, it helps to filter ads in applications better, but you’ll trade off network speed experience (in some weak machines, it may lead to more battery life because the chip must handle HTTPS resolution).

After each boot, the VPN will not turn on automatically so you have to go to the application press START to turn it back on. You can add widgets from the notification screen to turn on faster.


Or you can use the free sharing account of this application in the Spoiler section below, but be sure to read the note carefully before using it!

ID: [email protected]
Pass: Shareacc @ 2019
(After logging in, open App Store> click on the profile picture in the Update section for iOS 12 or below> Buy> share from Mult> find Quantumult and download. by Mail and wait about 5 – 10 minutes to login again)

Do not change account pass
Do not use to download any other application on the App Store
Download Quantumult in Update> Purchased> Find Quantumult

STEP 2: Set up configuration for Quantumult

Open Quantumult application> select Settings> Download form … at CONFIGURATION
Then paste the link after “https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bigdargon/hostsVN/master/option/hostsVN-quantumult.conf” into the Download Configuration section and click OK to download the application configuration
When the download is complete, you need to Save

STEP 3: Customize the settings for Quantumult

On the Settings page (Settings)> switch to HTTPS> enable HTTPS Decryption
Select Generate Key & Root Certificate at the P12 Passphrase & P12 certificate, then click Save to save
The application will automatically forward to Safari with reliable requests to confirm Config Profile in System Settings> click Allow (Allow)
Conduct trusted developer certificates

notice: in case you are using iOS eleven you then conduct dependable operations in keeping with the commands, in case you are using iOS 12.2, you need to open Settings> Downloaded document (beneath the section of identification account name) to carry out certificate relied on operation

STEP 4: Trust developer certificates

Open Settings (Settings)> General settings (General)> About (About)> Certificate trust settings (Certificate Trust Settings)
Here you enable trusted certificate Quantumult Custom Root Certificate> Select Continue (Continue)

So, the steps to set up and installation Quantumult to block ads on iOS have been completed, whenever you operate programs containing commercials, you just want to open Quantumult and set off the VPN segment.

but, it ought to be cited that using Quantumult to dam advertisements may additionally make the utility get admission to or down load pace a bit slower, the main motive comes from these programs should be filter and redirect connection earlier than returning effects in your device.

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