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Automatically press, help gamers quickly level up, go farming easier on smartphones


Gamers we often use the software called Auto Click to plow the country and go farming, train monsters. Although webgame has gradually disappeared on the PC to replace the games that require gamers to play new levels up, the plow games do not die but are gradually moving to mobile devices. Requires a Auto Click software for smartphones, help gamers quickly level up, plow the country and go farming, train monsters.

The software has the same mechanism as Auto Click on old PC. Gamers who love plowing games can download this software to Android devices completely free on Google Play. This software is called Auto-click – Automatically developed by True Developers Studio


  • Support to click multiple points with different time periods.
  • Timer to stop automatically.
  • You can save, extract / import the profiles you have installed.
  • User-friendly interface, easy to use.
  • Vietnamese support and completely free

Instructions for using the software Auto-click – Automatically press

B1:Of course, you need to access the link below to download the Auto-click software – Auto-click

B2: After installation is complete, open the software. The software will ask you to grant Auto Click to use, you just need to follow the software’s instructions.

B3: There are two modes of Auto-click software – Auto-tap 

target mode 1: Before using, press Settings to set the interval between each click (default is 100 milliseconds ). Click operation will stop without stopping, you can stop in one of two ways.

  • Manual : Press the Pause icon button on the app’s control bar on the left side of the screen.
  • Automatic : Automatic click will automatically stop after a certain number of rounds or set time. You set it at Stop later.

Then, click Enable . The application’s control bar appears, drag the blue circle to the position you want to perform the press. Now, just press the Play icon button on the control bar and observe the action app.

Multi-target mode : This click mode you use when you need to perform multiple clicks. First, clickSettingsto set the delay between the clicks and the time of the click. Next, clickEnable. The application’s control bar appears withthe plus and minus button buttons added. Now, press the plus button to open the target circle. You drag it to the position you want to press. Then, click the plus button to add the next click position.

​Each goal circle is numbered in order for you to conveniently arrange. To cancel the target circle, press the minus button on the control bar. Finally, press the Play button to activate. If you want to set the stop time, press the gear button on the control bar and select a desired stop condition, name it> Save. This setting will be saved and extracted, go to Configuration Manager to do so

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