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Apple officially released macOS Catalina 10.15


After months of beta testing and tweaking, the operating system has officially launched. The operating system can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store and is available to anyone with a compatible Mac. Taking its name from an island in the US state of California, macOS Catalina 10.15 operating system brings some major changes such as: “death” of iTunes, Apple Arcade, Sidecar.


  • 12-inch MacBook
  • MacBook Air, 2012 or newer
  • MacBook Pro, 2012 or newer
  • Mac mini, 2012 or newer
  • iMac, 2012 or newer
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Pro, 2013 or newer
  • check for macOS Catalina update (size 8.09 GB) by: Go to Mac App Store or System Preferences> Software Update.

Detailed each outstanding feature

  • ITunes “death”: divided into three completely new applications Music, TV and Podcast.
  • Screen Time: This feature was first launched on iOS 12 to help users manage time on iPhone, iPad and now available on macOS Catalina.
  • Sidecar: One of the valuable features on the macOS Catalina update, making the iPad an extra screen for Mac.
  • Find My: Find Find My Friends and Find My iPhone, which support new search feature even when the device has no connection (offline).
  • Apple Arcade: Released with iOS 13 and iPad OS 13, Arcade brings more than 100 titles to Mac, users can also connect to Xbox or PS4 DualShock controllers.
  • Authenticating with Apple Watch: Unlock notes, confirm settings or view passwords saved on Safari by double-clicking the button on the side of the Apple Watch.
  • Kit updates: Apple’s apps including Photos, Reminders, Notes, Mail and Safari have all been updated, including security updates for new Macs with T2 chips.
  • Light Mode / Dark Mode options: On macOS Catalina, you have the choice of selecting a bright interface, dark interface, or automatic mode.
  • Accessibility: Update new voice control feature Voice Control, allowing users to perform operations remotely.

MacOS Catalina brings variety of necessary changes to the Mac, as well as removing the iTunes application to convert it into separate Music, Podcast and television applications. These 3 apps have an equivalent practicality as iTunes, however square measure separated into one.

The management of iOS devices is still present on a Mac but is now done via Finder instead of iTunes, and access to your Apple ID will be done through setting up a new Profile in System Preferences.

Music – no longer called iTunes

iTunes has modified the approach folks expertise music, movies, TV shows and podcasts. currently now not mistreatment the name “iTunes” and every one modified once more with 3 novel applications to Apps – Music, Apple TV and Apple Podcasts – every application is best designed to get pleasure from diversion on your mac. in fact eachthing you’ve got in your iTunes library remains accessible in every application. iCloud seamlessly syncs everything on your devices, otherwise you will copy, restore, and synchronise yourself by connecting your device on to your mac.

Find My

The Find My app, which includes Find my iPhone and Find my Friend, is easy to use on Mac, iPadOS and iOS devices. Find My can help you locate a stolen or lost Mac even when it is offline and in sleep mode and by sending a Bluetooth signal that can be detected by Apple devices. Used nearby. These devices then forward the detected Mac device’s location to iCloud so you can locate it in the Find My app.

the device will be encrypted and all thieves can do nothing, including Apple (Mac will be useless now)


Many recreation development events at the iPadOS interface are also on the new macOS, for a greater, more intuitive, more immersive revel in. specially with Apple Arcade, you could enjoy each exceptional sport and can use the controller to play.

macOS Catalina also allows us to control Mac computers entirely by voice, which is set up in the accessibility section.

Use iPad as a second monitor for Mac

Users can use the iPad as a 2nd screen parallel to the Mac and drag and drop the App back and forth between each other easier. Also can draw and design on the iPad screen to design graphics on Mac. The connection is very simple, there will be an AirPlay icon on the Mac to allow you to pair with the iPad right next to – iPad must be on iPadOS platform.

Screen Time on Mac

Convenient for iCloud Family when you can control the usage time of children in the family and yourself right on the Mac computer.

The Sreen Time app is also available on Macs next to iPads and iPhones. So you can track usage time for your entire device to get a full picture of the time you spend on the devices.

Photos application

The new Photos app interface displays your best photos, sorted by date, or year. There is also a new startup page on Safari. The Mail app also has new tools to stop monitoring email flows and block senders.

Before installing MacOS Catalina, users should note that 32-bit applications are no longer supported, so some older applications may not work after installing the update.

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