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Apple officially launched iPadOS: multiple multitasking features, support reading files from USB, SD memory cards


Apple today officially launched iPadOS, its own operating system for iPad tablets.

The main screen interface is still the same, but the icon row is more and you can swipe to attach a widget to the main screen. Slideover is a new feature on iPadOS, you can swipe quickly into the bottom of the screen and will open applications that you have previously taken and Slideover, maybe this is a feature for users to open applications. use faster.

iPadOS will support the use of multiple windows within an application and of course can also use multiple windows with two different applications with just a few simple swipe gestures.

Apple officially launched iPadOS

Its basic interface will be similar to iOS for the old iPad, now the icons are displayed outside the home, but the widgets and both the Dock below will be displayed simultaneously.


Similar to iOS, iPadOS will also have a File application to manage data. This application will be redesigned with a column-based display that is easier to browse files, smarter and noticeably, we will have file sharing folder via iCloud Drive. The application will support file sharing via SMB, allowing data to be copied directly from the hard drive or memory card reader, importing photos directly into the Lightroom image editing application for editing.

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Apple said that new and important updates on the iPadOS will help the iPad more approachable to work experience from the computer. And one of the things that makes it possible, iPadOS allows managing file downloads, the app manages fonts, … Apple Pencil used on iPadOS will improve the latency significantly, from 20ms to 9ms. In addition, there are some other upgrades on iPadOS such as compatibility with web apps, adding keyboard shortcuts, Safari adding new download manager, …

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iPadOS also offers a nearly similar browsing experience on the computer, with 30 shortcuts and also the download manager. Now, surfing Safari on iPad has brought the experience almost on macOS.

iPadOS will solve difficult issues when controlling on iPad. Apple also added the Font item on the App Store, improved the copy and paste capabilities on the iPadOS, you can pin 3 fingers to select the copy content and extract 3 fingers to paste.


iPad OS also supports Apple Pencil better, Apple has reduced the delay to only 9ms instead of 20ms as before, and also improved the Apple Pencil toolbox. If you pull the pen from the iPad down, it will activate the screen-grabbing feature and can immediately edit it.

All of these features have helped iPadOS truly stand out from iOS on the iPhone and are more suitable for a work-accessory device that Apple always wants the iPad to become and get closer to turning iPad into a replacement laptop, dream Apple has not done for a long time because iOS is not suitable for work.

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