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Apple launched macOS Catalina, Screen Time, Find My, iPad as secondary screens for Macbook


At the ongoing Global Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple officially unveiled the next version of macOS called Cataline, allowing developers to transfer iPad applications to Mac computers.

The new update with many notable changes was released by Apple exactly one year after the introduction of macOS 10.14 Mojave with Dark Mode, Apple News and the redesigned App Store interface.

the interface is no longer darkmode as default as Mojave, but can turn on / off the dark mode.

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About Music on Catalina, the interface is simpler, when the user plugs the iPhone into the Mac , the screen will be empty only for each sync data section.

iTunes has changed the way people experience music, movies, TV shows and podcasts. Now iTunes is officially “dead” and it all changed again with three completely new applications into Apps – Music and Apple TV and Apple Podcasts – each application is best designed to enjoy the award. on your Mac. Of course, everything you have in your iTunes library is still accessible in every application. iCloud seamlessly syncs everything on your devices, or you can back up, restore, and synchronize by directly connecting your device to your Mac.

macOS will support 4K HDR video and Dolby Atmos audio technology.

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Photos interface is similar to iOS 13, you can view photos through each time hook and the layout of images will be arranged in a smart way, clearer.

Project Marzipan: Combined with iPadOS, Sidecar

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Users can use the iPad as a second screen in parallel with Mac and move and drag and drop App back and forth more easily. Also can draw and design on the iPad screen to design graphics on the Mac. This will be an important step for those working in creative fields.

Find My

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The Find My app includes Find my iPhone and Find my Friend, easy to use on Mac, iPadOS and iOS devices. Find My can help you locate a stolen or lost Mac even when the device is offline and in sleep mode and by sending a Bluetooth signal that can be detected by Apple devices. use nearby. These devices then forward the detected location of the lost Mac device to iCloud so you can locate it in the Find My application.

After that the device will be encrypted and all thieves cannot do anything, including Apple (Mac will become useless at this time).

Screen Time appears on the Mac

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Convenient for iCloud Family when you can control the usage time of children in family and yourself right on Mac computer.


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Many manufacturers develop games on the iPadOS interface also available on the new macOS, for a more wonderful, more intuitive, more extensive experience.

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Can press 2 times on the key (dock under digital crown) next to Apple Watch to authenticate open the app, or log in accounts on Safari. That means entering a password is not enough.

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The Notes application will also clearly separate each version from the iOS version, as it is easier to find and identify. This is the benefit of those who regularly use and check notes.

macOS Catalina also allows us to control the Mac computer completely by voice, it is set in the Accessibility section (Accessibility).

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