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AirPods Pro 2: twice as good noise cancellation, up to 30 hours of battery life


The new version of AirPods Pro has been officially introduced, just like previous rumors AirPods Pro 2 is equipped with an Apple H2 chip that promises to bring fast connectivity.

Mainly AirPods Pro 2nd generation is heavily upgraded in terms of hardware and features, while the design has almost not changed too much.

New Apple H2 Chip

Apple says that its new Apple H2 chip has more powerful processing capabilities, thereby helping to reproduce more distinctive sound and help this new generation of AirPods Pro can play more types of music.

Thanks to its powerful processing capabilities, the Apple H2 allows the headset to take advantage of the Spatial Audio feature (simulating surround sound) in the most optimal way.
Not stopping at Spatial Audio, AirPods Pro Gen 2 also has a built-in Customize Spatial Audio feature.

This feature allows users to use the iPhone’s True Depth camera to 3D scan the user’s head and ear mold, thereby automatically fine-tuning the sound for the best.

Stronger noise cancellation

Thanks again to the power of the Apple H2 chip and the new pressurized vent design on the earphones,
Apple says the AirPods Pro Gen 2 have more than twice the noise-cancellation capabilities of the previous generation.
Now, Apple’s noise cancellation can confidently rival that of Sony, Bose or Sennheiser’s other strong competitors.

Apple also mentioned the Adaptive Transparency feature.
This is an upgrade of the crosstalk feature inherent on the old AirPods Pro.
AirPods Pro Gen 2 can sample environmental sounds up to 48,000 times per second,
it will recognize environmental noise more intelligently and will switch between noise cancellation and noise reduction more intelligently when the user selects Transparency mode.

with the crosstalk of AirPods Pro, it almost only recognizes that we are driving after about 3 seconds from the time of departure to start anti-noise,
now it will respond faster and understand noises from many other types of environments, such as noise at construction sites.

one more size ear tips

One problem that keeps some people from choosing the AirPods Pro is that it hurts their ears.
Apple quickly figured out the problem and decided to add an extra size eartip, size XS, to make it easier for people with smaller ears to wear it.

AirPods Pro still uses force touch to control the headset, but now this surface also integrates normal touch to recognize the user’s swipe.
That is, you can completely adjust the volume right on your headphones without touching your watch or phone.

The AirPods Pro 2’s battery has increased across the board, from the earphones to the charging case.
Specifically, the earphones can play music for up to 6 hours per charge, a 33% increase over the old model.
The charging case can also listen to music for up to 30 hours total, 6 hours more than the AirPods Pro 1

Although the overall design has not changed, the charging box still has some new details.
It has an additional strap hole, suitable for those who don’t like to use a case but still want to hang AirPods somewhere, like pants or a backpack.

Inside the charging box, there is a U1 chip to help the Find My feature work more efficiently and accurately. Easier to find when lost.

A special feature is that the charging case now has a built-in speaker.
The speaker will have the task of playing a sound when the user needs to search, and it can also play a sound when plugged into a charger or when the battery is fully charged.

AirPods Pro Gen 2 can still charge wirelessly.
In addition to wireless chargers that support the Qi standard,
With MagSafe wireless charging, the charging case is now compatible with Apple Watch chargers, which is very convenient.

In terms of price, the new AirPods Pro will cost $ 249 and start ordering on September 9, officially on shelves from September 23.

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