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Actions support new text on iOS 13 and iPadOS


Changing the new textual content help on iOS thirteen and iPadOS now not most effective brings a brand new enjoy, however additionally helps users perform phrase processing operations on a more convenient device. here are some records and snap shots depicting those improvements, invite you to consult.

Actions support new text on iOS 13 and iPadOS


as opposed to touching and holding at the text to open the quick characteristic window, iOS 13 / iPadOS helps you to quickly blacken any piece of text with just a tap (tap) and swipe your finger at the tool display (If used thru Android 9.zero, this operation is similar).

For scrolling pages on the browser or any application interface that displays scrollbars on the right side of the screen, simply tap + hold on the scroll bar and move your finger to manipulate faster.

You can also use some of the following shortcuts to make quick choices:

  • Select a word : Touch and hold on the word you want to select
  • Select a sentence : Touch the text with three fingers
  • Select a paragraph : Click on the text with four fingers
  • Bubble menu : Display the shortcut menu by tapping once with three fingers in the text position
  • Select multiple adjacent items : Touch with two fingers, then drag to quickly select emails, files or folders


further to enhancing textual content selection and navigation, you could additionally use slicing, copying and pasting new textual content. these gestures work on all device and third-celebration packages.

  • Cut : Swipe up with three fingers (twice in a row) to cut
  • Copy : Swipe up with three fingers to copy
  • Paste : Pinch with three fingers to paste

New copy operation:

New paste operation:


as opposed to shaking the device to undo the preceding operation, iOS 13 delivered the option to undo and redo thru gesture with the aid of hand quite without problems.

  • Undo : Swipe left with three fingers to undo
  • Redo : Swipe to the right with three fingers to redo
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