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4 Best Android emulator software Linux


With the Android emulator for Linux, you can enjoy the smartphone experience without it.

Android uses the Linux kernel itself, so running the emulated version of this operating system on your computer is impossible. Here are the four best Android emulator software you can use on Linux.

1. Android-x86


The Android-x86 project is not just limited to emulators. This is an alternative to running Windows or Linux on a PC or laptop. It is an x86 Android CPU architecture portal that most modern computers and laptops can use. This is not the same as a smartphone that uses a lighter, lower-power ARM processor.

Because Android-x86 has been ported to run on a regular computer, you can run it as a virtual machine using VirtualBox or VMware . That’s why it’s a good choice for Android emulators on Linux. You can now run your Android applications with other Linux programs.

Google Play Store comes with Android-x86 so you can install all your favorite applications right after installing the virtual machine. However, you should note, not all Android applications can run on x86 computer platforms, so you need to try them first.

Android-x86 is in the process of development, so you can expect frequent features and improvements, as well as optimize speed and performance. This is Android vanilla (the most basic version) of Android and there is no bloatware so the only drawback is computer system resources.

2. ARChon


You do not have to run a virtual machine to use Android application on Linux. Thanks to the ARChon project, you can run the Android application in the Chrome browser. ARC stands for Android Runtime for Chrome, acts as a miniature Android environment for your applications.

ARChon emulator

ARC is a Google creation, initially tested to run Android applications on Chrome OS. Therefore the same principle applies to ARChon, taking ARC open source elements to run the modified version of the Chrome browser. You just need to install ARChon runtime as a developer extension on Chrome, then add another application using the APK for the Chrome extension tool provided by ARChon developer.

You cannot use Google Play to install Android apps here and not all applications can run on ARChon. ARChon is a good way to run some applications on Linux computers without using a virtual machine.

3. Anbox – Android in a box


Anbox emulates Android in a slightly different way. It runs like a Linux container, shares the Linux kernel and host system resources but creates its own Android user space.

Anbox emulator

Because Anbox shares the server kernel and allows direct access to the hardware, this is a faster approach to running Android apps on Linux computers. Better performance and because of the container-style approach, it’s safe, you won’t run any risk of running any unsafe application.

It does not have Google Play Store, so you need to identify and install the application manually. Lower demand for system resources emulates virtual machine use. This is a suitable choice for low power equipment.

4. Genymotion


Professional developers and Android gamers can use the Genymotion Android emulator. This is another method of using virtual machines but is best supported.

Genymotion Emulator

Genymotion is a commercial product, with Android virtual machines available as a cloud image or a local desktop using Virtualbox. It comes with many unique test elements, like fake GPS and battery reports, so it’s useful for test developers and engineers. The emulator also comes with the option to install Google Play services as standard.

Home users have a miniature product in the Genymotion Personal Edition, free of charge and missing some advanced testing features. If you want more features, you’ll need an annual Genymotion license to run the software and take advantage of expert support.

Running Android on Linux is not difficult because of the above Android emulators. You can run the original Android in a virtual machine with Android-x86 or run it in the browser with ARChon. If your computer is not good enough to run the emulator, you can project your Android screen on your computer.

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