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$ 15 free app on App Store September 24, 2019


Right now on the App Store is free 8 applications worth $ 15 in a short time, quickly download before being charged again.


appropriate app to manage, prepare, and view all of your documents for your iPhone or iPad, just like the way customers have interaction with home windows Explorer on a computer or the Finder item on a MacBook going for walks OS X. further out, users also can fast download and sync the records from iTunes or connected on e-mail. It supports PDF, MS Office, iWorks and the most common file types.

  • DOWNLOAD: Depthography
  • (0.99 USD> Free / Offers In-App Purchases / 13 Ratings / App Store)

The application allows you to adjust the image with portrait mode, help focus after shooting and apply filters in real time. Depthography creates two layers “Background” and “Foreground” from your photo and present you with a full range of image effects to manipulate them separately. For example increase the light of a dark (overexposed) background or apply a BW filter.

Photo editing application, allowing users to add text content or captions to photos taken easily and quickly. Easily design beautiful, professional-looking posts in seconds. You can add text on photos and choose from a collection of over 1200 stickers and more than 300 awesome fonts. You’ll also find pre designed templates for social media posts.

  • DOWNLOAD: Space War GS
  • ($ 1.99> Free / Offers In-App Purchases / 28 Ratings / App Store)

The game is inspired by the classic shooting game, but the graphics are upgraded more beautifully and players will have to face enemy spacecraft instead of flies. Space War is the space arcade game for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch! Fly through the space and destroy waves of attacking aliens! Be prepared for the final battle!

The app helps you list the contacts you interact with regularly and place them in widgets, helping you make calls, send messages, iMessage, Whatsapp. quickly. The application supports 3D Touch and works well on the latest iOS operating system. With Magic Contact just swipe right from the lock screen, home screen, or pull down the widgets screen from within any app and get immediate access to your favorites.

Ruler – tape measure length 17ft is an application that helps turn your iPhone or iPad into a pretty useful length measurement, can be used in many different jobs. Single measure ruler – draw one line with length. Chain measure ruler – measure several lines one by one. Perimeter measure ruler – several lines with close perimeter form last point to first.

The application helps you relax after stressful working hours with mellow music, pure sounds from nature. You can hear a large collection of natural sounds recorded around the world, you can hear birds in the Brazilian jungle or the Baltic waves or baby seals calling your mother on the arctic ice or royal penguins soles with chicks in Antarctica.

  • (0.99 USD> Free / Offers In-App Purchases / 7 Ratings / App Store US)

If you love the game “brain hack”, super difficult or easy to make others crazy, you should not ignore “oO”, a game with a special name. In oO, you control a ball as it moves around the perimeter of the interconnected circles.

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